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We offer quality Registered Missouri Foxtrotting horses for sale.  


Training Services.  Our clients deserve for their horses to be trained in the horsemanship method that Mike uses.  Our horses will stand for you to mount, they will willingly move out in a trail walk, flat foot walk, foxtrott as well as a canter.  Our horses will learn to side pass, roll back, back as well as bathe, be shod and load.  The horses that we train will have a day or two at the cattle sale barn with Mike.  This does alot for a horse in getting them moving, working and being with alot of activity!  It's a hard days work for them but there is nothing like the amount of work that takes place in the training on those days.  Are fee is $650 for 30 days but it will be the best $650 you will spend on your horse.  In order for your horse to be ready to come to us, please have their teeth looked at by your vet and floated if needed and wolf teeth extracted if needed.  This is important that the horse is not in pain from its teeth before we begin training.  Please call for availability.  Mike does not take more than he can ride and give his best efforts to at one time.


Have a horse you would like to sell?  We offer a horse brokerage service.  We will list your horse on our website, facebook page as well as many online websites.  This is a custom service and we will work with you individually on the details of each horse.  Some might involve video and video editing. call for details

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